A timeline of the brightening of Caroline’s Star

These are a series of images of the celestial phenomenon which has been named Caroline’s Star. These images have been taken over the course of almost two weeks from the first appearance of the star. All images have been taken from the system of Vaajaita in Lonetrek.

Star - 20141126213226th November, 21h30.

This is the first appearance of the star. At this point it is brighter than the background stars, but dimmer than several of the near-by stars.

If we compare it with the star just above it, they are almost the same brightness.



Star - 201411270640

27th November, 06h40

Just over 9 hours after the first image, the star is now as bright as the brightest stars in the field. This is a very abrupt brightening, I would estimate it is twice as bright as in the previous image



Star - 20141127192027 November, 19h20

Now brighter than any other star in the field. It’s worth noting that until this point the brightening of the star is uniform. The center grows brighter and the vertical and horizontal bars grow in length and brightness.


Star - 20141129120029 November, 12h00

Unfortunately no image was taken on the 28th.

The center of the star has increased sharply in brightness, washing out the horizontal bar. The vertical bar has not grown in length or brightness.

This leads to the question of whether we are looking at one phenomenon or two? Are the center and the bright vertical and horizontal bars the same object, or two different but closely related objects?


Star - 20141130120530 November, 12h05

The central flare, so prominent in the previous image, has started to fade and the vertical bar is growing again. The horizontal bar is still not visible through the central flare.


Star - 2014120117301 December, 17h30

The flare-up of the central portion of the star has faded and the star is back to the same proportions as when it first appeared, although it is now several times brighter than the brightest star in the field.


Star - 2014120207152 December, 07h15

Still brightening, though not as rapidly as before.


Star - 2014120217502 December, 17h15

Very slightly brighter than the previous image. The vertical bar is longer.


Star - 2014120418454 December, 18h45

No image taken on the 3rd due to power failures.

The star is brighter still, this appears to be the brightest it reaches. Also of interest are the small diagonal bars which are just about visible


Star - 2014120520505 December, 20h50

Appears to be very, very, very slightly dimmer than the previous day


Star - 2014120616256 December, 16h25

Very slightly dimmer than the previous day. Vertical bar is same length as it was at its brightest


Star - 2014120711307 December, 111h30

Center still fading slowly.


Star - 201412072215December 7th, 22h15

Still fading, although it appears that the central portion is fading faster than the vertical bar.



Star 201412082055

December 8th, 20h50

Slight reduction in height of the vertical bar, center appears unchanged.





Star 201412090620December 9th 06h20

Center fading slowly, vertical bar shorter. The diagonal bars have faded.

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