The icy wasteland

Kealan gazed down across the ice-covered plain. The sun, hanging just low on the horizon cast exaggerated shadows across the land leaving the plain mottled bright and dark. The wind had died hours earlier and the silence was so profound that it almost sang. To Kealan, it sang with the voices of his friends, his colleagues, his son.

How many had died that day? How many had been driven out to die in the icy wastes to the north? How many had survived only to live each day in fear of been found, of been betrayed, sold out to an enemy that would stop at nothing to ensure that the Seers were no more.

He could remember that day as if it were just yesterday. There had been no warning, no clues, no hints, no indications of any attack, planned or otherwise. It was that the was the hardest to swallow. For a group of people who dedicated their lives to reading the shape of the future to have seen no signs of an attack against them was a travesty, a betrayal of what they were. Had She abandoned them?

Three months ago it would have been blasphemy to have thought that, but today, Kealan was past caring. When he closed his eyes he could still see the dragons swooping down upon the stronghold, riders dressed in a uniform he didn’t recognise. He could still smell the stench of burning flesh; he could still hear the screams of those caught in the dragonfire.

They should have seen it coming, but they had believed that they were above the petty warring of two nations. “She shows us what will be,” the elders had said, again and again, “If they were planning an attack against us, we would know. They will not dare to move against Her chosen.” That certainty had not saved them. The elders had been the first to die.

Kealan pulled his hood up and set out slowly across the ice sheet. Somewhere there was a place of safety. Somewhere.

A Timeline of Caroline’s Star, Part 2

The Rhea release corresponded, as far as we can tell, with the collapse of the abnormally bright star which was named Caroline’s Star. This is a partial timeline of the collapse of the star and the formation of the nebula. Part 1, the brightening of the star, can be found here

All images were taken from the system of Vaajaita in Lonetrek.

Pre-Rhea Star   The last image taken before the Rhea release (~3 hours before DT started). There’s the beginning of a shock wave visible in the blurring of the horizontal bars.



As the days pass, so the shockwave moves outwards (at several times the speed of light!), leaving a void in the middle

Post-Rhea Star 1
Post-Rhea Star 2
Post-Rhea Star 3
Post-Rhea Star 4
Post-Rhea Star 5
Post-Rhea Star 6
Post-Rhea Star 7
Post-Rhea Star 8
Post-Rhea Star 9
Post-Rhea Star 10
Post-Rhea Star 11
Post-Rhea Star 12
Post-Rhea Star 13
Post-Rhea Star 14
Post-Rhea Star 15
Post-Rhea Star 16
Post-Rhea Star Final