Edge of Apocalypse timeline

Timeline for Edge of Apocalypse


Edge of Apocalypse was a Star Trek campaign that I played in from 2012, covering the adventures of a Marquis cell later turned Star Fleet officers.

Edit (May 2018): The episode descriptions at Obsidian Portal are no longer available, all that’s left are the bits and pieces I wrote here. This campaign is over and no more material will be added for it.


Stardate 51475 – Amber (Episode)
Stardate 51477.8 – What does the future hold? (Personal log)
Stardate 51481.7 – Confrontation (Story fragment)
Stardate 51485.6 – Unexpected visit (Story Fragment)

Stardate 51690 Sheer Zone pt 1 and pt 2 (Episodes)
Stardate 51690.8 Aftermath (Subspace message)

Stardate 51833 – Going away (Subspace message)
Stardate 51834 – Reverse Fault (Episode)
Stardate 51885.2 Excitement, adventure (Personal log)
Stardate 51962.1 Suicide mission? (Personal log)
Stardate 52002.5 Unwanted news (Story fragment)

Stardate 52001 – Anomie (Episode)
Stardate 52110.1 – Homeward bound (Personal log)

Stardate 52248 – Contagious Magic (Episode)
Stardate 52252.6 – You can’t take the sky from me (Story fragment)

Stardate 52333 – Eminent Domain (Episode)


2367 – An unwelcome welcome (Story fragment)

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