What does the future hold?

Personal log. Stardate 51477.8

I don’t know why I’m recording this.

I never used to worry too much about the future. Now with all the current mess, I look at the holo that Sarah sent me of Danny and Alyssa and I wonder what the galaxy will be like when they grow up. Is a Dominion victory inevitable as that Doctor seemed to think, or do we have a chance of maintaining our way of life? At least they don’t face a future without their father, that’s one thing.

Computer, add to todo list for tomorrow, record and schedule message for Sarah and ask Commander Ruork for some advice on arranging long-distance transport for…

And that’s another whole issue right there. Last time I saw my father he called me a dirty rotten traitor, among other things. He didn’t exactly approve of the Marquis, understatement of the century. Well, technically he didn’t approve of my conduct at the Academy either, but that’s old details at this point.

I’ve been down to sickbay four times in the last two days to see him. Got as far as the door each time. I fear that he may well feel the same way as last time we spoke, if screaming insults can be considered speaking. If I want to trade insults with someone I’ll go harass the Cardassian. However, if he doesn’t feel the same way, is that just because of the uniform, or…..

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