So much strangeness

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 949.2


Silik is an enigma in a number of ways. So far we have found seventy million year old buildings, three different species of Earth dinosaurs, a <redacted> belonging to the Suliban Cabal, a piece of dilithium with illium incursions in a pattern that I have never seen before, and evidence that at least one other sentient race occupied the abandoned buildings before the Suliban arrived.

The dilithium is… strange. The position of the incursions suggests a prolonged period exposed to two subspace fields which were interfering with each other, but the only model which even remotely fits has the two sources more than half a light-day apart, and to produce the observed incursions with that kind of distance requires an incredibly powerful, and large, field. I’m not aware of anything which could generate a field which matches those criteria.

The <redacted> was unfortunately destroyed when the lower decks of the space station collapsed. If there were any records remaining within it, they are now lost. Is it possible, I wonder, if this is why the Denobulan ship was found in this system? Like calling to like perhaps. We know so little of <redacted> physics, without both devices it is impossible to tell. Without either, no more than guesswork is possible.

The second race, that they lived in the cities is a certainty, although little more can be determined. They were not from Silik. They arrived at some point after the original race either left or was destroyed. The carving in the collapsed tower suggests destroyed. They themselves either left or were destroyed approximately 9 million years ago. The carving again suggests destroyed and destroyed by the same phenomenon as destroyed the original race. How did they know? Did they know? And, if they did, what phenomenon can destroy two space-faring races millions of years apart? Perhaps if we can decode the writing it will give us more insight.

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