Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 953.2


Again I find myself asking the question ‘Why?’. On the surface, the takeover of Fairydale could be seen as a way to acquire the colony’s production, however the effort to which those behind the plot went to challenges that. Someone on Fairydale beforehand to get a transporter lock on the governor. Two Orion ships. The individual to impersonate the governor. The equipment necessary to impersonate the governor. The recruiting of people for the militia who would go along without question.

Then the utter callousness of the way they covered their tracks, at a point when they couldn’t have known whether they’d been discovered or not. The bomb in the communications centre could have killed everyone in the capital, and the fallout devastated a good part of the continent. The device they dropped in front of our ship was powerful enough to destroy a small starbase.

What was their end goal? And who was behind it all?

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