Standing at the precipice

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 979.8

We’ll be at Brissid tomorrow. I’ve redone the calculations several times. I keep looking for the one combination of inputs and variables that will have everything come out well. But there are too many unknowns involved, too many assumptions, too many chaotic aspects, too many opportunities for everything to go wrong. We’re pinning all our efforts on a foundation of assumptions and guesswork, and the consequences of failure could be terrible. The consequences of doing nothing could be worse.

What if we’re wrong?

Even if we’re right, the precision demanded is extreme, in some cases to mere meters. Which doesn’t sound too bad, except that it’s meters of precision while working on the scale of entire continents. At the extreme end of possible consequences, millions of lives could depend on getting every single aspect perfect.

Are we up to this?




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