Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 982.2

The intervention was successful, at least as far as we can tell. Brissid is mostly undamaged, Starbase 21 was unaffected, Duboz was unaffected. Communication into the nebula is unsurprisingly rather difficult. Neither Thuln nor Silik can be contacted. That may be due to the interference, or there may have been some effects from the wave. The former would be, by far, the preferable situation.

The last three days have been a blur. Fine-tuning the layout for each site based on local geography and conditions, getting just the right amount of dilithium to the surface, checking the placement and adjusting the calculations for the next site based on all of the previous sites. We’ve logged more shuttle hours in three days than in the last three months.

All through this vivid energy flares were dancing around the planet in a near-continuous display of colour and light. I’ve seen aurora on Vulcan, on Earth and on other worlds, they pale in comparison to the display over Brissid. I haven’t checked the sensor data, but I suspect the energy in each of those flares would dwarf the entire output of their star for a day, if not far longer.

The Yonggi came when it was all over, apparently just to tell us that the danger was past, using the same ocean metaphor as they did previously. They clearly knew more than we did about the situation, why then did they not intervene? Unable? Unwilling to involve themselves? Were they testing us in some way?

Their communication was easier to bear this time. Did they learn the form of our minds from the previous ‘conversion’, making this one easier, and if so, is future communication likely?

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