More anomalies

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 996.5

More subspace strangeness. The deeper parts of this nebula seem to be rife with subspace anomalies of various types. I shouldn’t be surprised, given what we know and theorise about the nebula’s origin. The expanding shockwave itself is not as strange as some of the other anomalies that we’ve encountered in the last year. How an inverse field forms naturally however, I cannot begin to theorise at this point. I’ve never seen that outside of a lab, and even there it’s hard to create a large field. We need to get further readings of this subspace wave front. It should be losing energy as it expands and as it compresses the nebula medium and slowing down as a result, but to what degree is unknown, and it may present a threat to Ego and Fairydale.

On a related subject, I suspect my mother would find the Chanu-Weianu themselves absolutely fascinating. From the reports they seem to be completely communal, no obvious economy and, I would expect to find no concept of violence between themselves.

Almost 2 months now, and still no further clues or leads. I should not be this badly affected. For the past seven years we’ve spent years apart and days together. And yet…

Nam-tor ha’ge t’nash-veh i’ki, ashayam

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