Mysteries and Enigmas

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 1000.9

Despite several days, I still have little idea what it is that the Yonggi were trying to tell us. Some is obvious, the vision of the destruction of the USS Nautilus matches with the captain’s memory of the event, although adds details of which he was unaware. Some is reasonably easy to interpret, the dark tendrils reaching into a bright sphere and taking something out could be a representation of our mysterious attacker. Others are less so.

What was the significance of the dimming of the light and increasingly strong attacks by the fern in the second room? To tell us that the more attacks happened, the worse things would get?

What the four different fish signified, I have no idea. Nor do I understand why one was the same that they showed me last year in connection with the subspace wave.

Four races? But more are among the missing currently. Four targets? But if we include the USS Nautilus there have been that many already. Four categories of targets? Perhaps, we’ve seen ships targeted one way and a planet targeted a different way. Or perhaps the targets or missing people are in categories that we aren’t aware of.

What concerns me is that there might be information in their message that we could act on, if we understood it. If there is, and we don’t, what are the consequences going to be?

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