Personal log
Stardate 1003.8

When we rescued Lt Zheng, I was hardly expecting to end up in her situation little over a year later.

“Investigating a subspace anomaly.” Given what we found in this system three weeks ago and the cylinder cut out of the crater, I don’t believe that the presence of a subspace anomaly is a coincidence, and the lack of communication since is concerning. Am I going to be adding the rest of the crew of the Jemison to my list of dead and missing?

The underground complex is an enigma. We knew that the Gwuan people were warp capable for some time before their civilisation was destroyed, but several hundred years was far beyond what I would every have expected. What were they doing here?

Are the markings on the screens related to whatever it is attacking ships? The drawing of the creature does bear some resemblance to the results of the search that Johnson ran before the Spica was destroyed, and one thing the Yonggi message and their patrols does imply is that these attacks have happened before. Did the Gwuan expedition come here fleeing it? Come here for other reasons and were then attacked?

The power source is the biggest mystery. A temporal-based power source. At least, the chroniton emissions suggest that it what it is, and it doesn’t appear to be anything that I’m familiar with.

We found a fusion reactor on Silik 6. Did they use both power sources? If so, what did they use on their homeworld? The chroniton bursts that I saw, and their ‘reversing’ effect could be a result of the device malfunctioning, in this case due to age. If that is true, and the Gwuan used this kind of device widely, that suggests some intriguing possibilities.

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