A Tragedy in Slow Motion

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 1007.1

Some events defy classification. A volcano eruption near a town is a tragedy. A quake destroying a city is a catastrophe. What’s happening here is far beyond either. The Brissid population effectively no longer exists. A fragment remains, but the dragons are still there, and that fragment is shrinking.

While we’ve got some minimal defenses against a lone dragon now, I suspect that even if the entire of Starfleet was here, we’d still have been outmatched if they had decided to attack.

Is the rift natural, or generated from somewhere? If it was generated for this attack, I would have expected it to be closer to Brissid, unless there are other considerations in play.

And where does that rift lead? To where the captives are, or to a horde of dragons? If we go through and it is the latter, it will not turn out well. The probe should get us enough information to decide on a course of action, if it works. If it fails to return useful information, I’m unsure what our next steps will be.

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