Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 953.2


Again I find myself asking the question ‘Why?’. On the surface, the takeover of Fairydale could be seen as a way to acquire the colony’s production, however the effort to which those behind the plot went to challenges that. Someone on Fairydale beforehand to get a transporter lock on the governor. Two Orion ships. The individual to impersonate the governor. The equipment necessary to impersonate the governor. The recruiting of people for the militia who would go along without question.

Then the utter callousness of the way they covered their tracks, at a point when they couldn’t have known whether they’d been discovered or not. The bomb in the communications centre could have killed everyone in the capital, and the fallout devastated a good part of the continent. The device they dropped in front of our ship was powerful enough to destroy a small starbase.

What was their end goal? And who was behind it all?

So much strangeness

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 949.2


Silik is an enigma in a number of ways. So far we have found seventy million year old buildings, three different species of Earth dinosaurs, a <redacted> belonging to the Suliban Cabal, a piece of dilithium with illium incursions in a pattern that I have never seen before, and evidence that at least one other sentient race occupied the abandoned buildings before the Suliban arrived.

The dilithium is… strange. The position of the incursions suggests a prolonged period exposed to two subspace fields which were interfering with each other, but the only model which even remotely fits has the two sources more than half a light-day apart, and to produce the observed incursions with that kind of distance requires an incredibly powerful, and large, field. I’m not aware of anything which could generate a field which matches those criteria.

The <redacted> was unfortunately destroyed when the lower decks of the space station collapsed. If there were any records remaining within it, they are now lost. Is it possible, I wonder, if this is why the Denobulan ship was found in this system? Like calling to like perhaps. We know so little of <redacted> physics, without both devices it is impossible to tell. Without either, no more than guesswork is possible.

The second race, that they lived in the cities is a certainty, although little more can be determined. They were not from Silik. They arrived at some point after the original race either left or was destroyed. The carving in the collapsed tower suggests destroyed. They themselves either left or were destroyed approximately 9 million years ago. The carving again suggests destroyed and destroyed by the same phenomenon as destroyed the original race. How did they know? Did they know? And, if they did, what phenomenon can destroy two space-faring races millions of years apart? Perhaps if we can decode the writing it will give us more insight.


Chief Engineer’s personal log
Stardate 917.8

Meditation helps this time. There is that at least. Working to exhaustion helps too.

Talia noticed something is wrong. I suspect she is not the only one. But this is not something I can talk with her about. It is not really something I can talk with anyone on the ship about.

I wish I could spend some time with Adept Varen, but he is over 40 light years away. Or speak with Selak. Text messages across half the Federation are an inadequate substitute.



Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 915.9

I do not know where to even begin.


My original concerns over what we would find here were without substance. But I suspect that the consequences of the last day will linger for much longer.

The Zenians, their origin, the strange circumstances that left them stranded here, all things that need attention, need investigation, analysis, understanding, but I cannot focus. I keep seeing the ships exploding in space, keep seeing a phaser pointed at me, by someone that I trusted, someone I looked up to.

It’s almost as bad as after the events at the Academy.

Why? Why, and how, could someone willingly do such a thing? I know what anger can drive someone to do, all too well. Is it that? Is that all that separates us from savagery?


Ancient cities

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 897.6

70 million years ago. At that time, Vulcan was mostly ocean dominated by amphibians, Earth was covered in shallow seas and dense forests with reptiles being the major animal type, and the original inhabitants of Silik were building towering structures that we could not reproduce today.

What is most unexpected though, is that there is no other trace of the race that once lived there. No remnants of machinery, no debris inside the buildings, no biological remains of any kind. A single, worn statue and the buildings are all that remain. Certainly 70 million years grinds very fine, but of a race that was technologically advanced enough to have built skyscrapers that still stand today, I would have expected there to be some trace, some evidence.

Did they leave Silik? Pack up everything and depart? Did some sudden disaster wipe them out and the passage of time then erased all the evidence?

I wish we could spend more time here. The study of Silik’s past is a lifetime project. Not a couple of days.

A close call

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 891.7

That was a closer call than I would have wanted to experience. I checked the reports from the structural integrity fields, once we were out of the subspace rupture. If we’d been travelling even 0.2 faster there would have been only an expanding debris field stretching approximately 3 light-hours from the boundary to show that a ship had ever been here.

The navigational sensors should have picked up some trace of the rupture, but the sensor logs showed nothing, right up until the point that we hit the edge. There must be some way to detect anomalies like this. Perhaps some of the higher frequencies would reflect off the boundary. It is not something I can test, but we should be able to model the boundary with sufficient accuracy based on the readings we took.

My initial concerns regarding the combined reactor design were confirmed. With the two reactors sharing shielding, containment systems and cooling, a problem with one becomes a problem with both. With a containment failure, as happened when we hit the rupture, the safest approach is to scram both reactors and leave the ship on battery power, rather than scramming the primary and running on auxiliary, as would happen with other engine designs. On paper, emergency power should last 7 days, however I have found that reality seldom agrees with the design documents. I would not like to have to rebuild any major part of the reactor in such a short time.

A life cut short

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 889.8

Vosk is dead, and it hurts more than I would have expected. I didn’t know him as well as I should have. He was quiet and dependable, always the first to volunteer for any assignment no matter how unpleasant. One occasion I remember well, Talia had mentioned that she wanted to learn to play chess. Vosk patiently tutored her for several evenings. They must have played over 20 games before he was satisfied with her game.

As for Vezerc, I don’t know what to think about that. I didn’t agree with him often, but I never would have suspected him of being capable of murder. What was he even trying to do?


A freighter mystery

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 887.8


Of all the questions that remain unanswered around the recent events, that is the one I keep coming back to. Why blow up an unarmed freighter? The Dubozians say they were chasing pirates, but if they were, why attack a freighter? Even if they thought that the crew were in cahoots with pirates, there’s no justification for blowing up an unarmed ship without warning.

There is something we are missing, and I suspect that whatever it is will be important in the days to come.

The potential influence of ion storms on the Ego extinctions

Balducci, R(a1), T’Laan(a2)

Received: stardate 845.2
Published: stardate 920


A recent ion storm on Ego(1) interacted with previously unexamined rock substrata to produce a form of radiation detrimental to living creatures. The radiation resulted in a variety of rapid-onset mutations, ranging from apparent devolution of advanced life forms to simpler point-mutations in more primitive life forms. In this paper, we will examine the the rock structure and composition, storm conditions and both observed and projected effects upon living creatures, and present an argument on how the radiation may have contributed to the extinction of the Ego civilisation.

Greetings from Thuln

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 837.7

I should not have fired. It has deprived us of crucial information and destroyed any chance we have of understanding how that item came to be aboard the Onik.

But in that moment, all I could think of the face of that Earth First terrorist, of what I did to him, and whether it could happen again.

“Greetings from Thuln”, it had engraved upon it. That much I do remember. Wood and glass, filled with vegetation and the slug oscillating through rainbow colours, and a presence in my head trying to take over.

Did the crewman we found outside the bridge die from fighting against the slug’s control? Or did he succumb and die unaware? Did the one who turned off all the internal systems do it of his own accord?

We will go to Thuln, perhaps not immediately but we will go. The mystery and the potential threat to the Federation demands it.

But I would rather cross the Fire Plains alone at midsummer than venture within 5 light years of that planet.