The Ancient cities of Silik

T’Laan(a1), Venar(a2), Lett(a3)

Received: stardate 959.4
Published: pending


Silik, currently inhabited by a faction of the Suliban people, has had at least two prior races resident upon it. One race lived approximately 70 million standard years ago constructed towering buildings which survive intact until today. The second, dating to around 9 million years ago, came from elsewhere and settled upon Silik, taking up residence in the existing buildings and making minor modifications to them. Very little is known about either race, no biological evidence of the first race has been found to date, nor have any writings or artifacts other than the buildings and a single statue. Of the second race, trace biological evidence has been recovered as well as a single example of their writing, however no buildings or artifacts can be attributed to them at this point in time. In this paper we discuss the details known, what we can extrapolate from these details and present a number of hypotheses on the origin and fate of these races.


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