Meeting the Yonggi

Chief Engineer’s Personal Log
Stardate 963.1

I believe the humans have a saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you may get it’.

We have been wishing for a way to communicate with the Yonggi for some time now. Now we have at least some idea how, although I’m not certain I can define today’s events as ‘communicating’, that word implies two way discussion. What we got were instructions and, I suspect, the telepathic equivalent of a recorded message.

They’re telepathic. I suspected something like that since I read one of the dinosaurs in the mountains on Silik. That impression of something cold and distant, watching. Then the discovery of the Yonggi ship hidden in the area. I wonder if they’re some form of hive mind as well. The way the dinosaurs acted in perfect unison, the way the three Yonggi acted in perfect unison, the similarities of all their ships.

I thought at the time that the headache from exposure to the Zenian’s psychic gas was the worst a headache could get, but it paled in comparison to what the start of the Yonggi’s message was like. Their message was incredibly strong. Even hours later I was getting flashes of cold, of underwater sounds, of being underwater. It may well be that they set the message at a high ‘volume’, not knowing who the recipient would be or how sensitive they might be.

Was the circuitry in the box solely to store the message, or could there have been another component to it, one reading and measuring the recipient? And does this mean that further conversations with the Yonggi may be possible, or was this a once-off event?

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